Sculpture Art

wood turned and carved tankard presented to bob costas by hky sc 001 ''wings of the night'' wildlife sculpture 850 feathers owl 001 violin sculpture 001 pinocchio carved and inlayed puppet 001 harry potter inspired wizardry set 001 DSCF7264 DSCF7263 DSCF7259 DSCF7153 DSCF7152 DSCF7150 DSCF7148 DSCF7089 christ for lutheran home chapel 5'x36'' 001 bicycle trophy for race front 001 bicycle trophy for race all nat. no dye or paint 001 bicycle trophy 002 bicycle trophy 001 0912001619 0901001858 0522001445 0520001611

One Comment to Sculpture Art

  1. Lloyd Russell says:

    Eddie, I was just spinning the top that you made for me at Catawba Middle School in 1992. My two youngest grandkids really enjoyed watching it go for a long time. I remember us seeing how long they would spin on the old woodworking table in the shop. I am not sure how many years that you came to the shop and shared your talents with the students and me. You amazed me then and great to see your wonderful talent at work. Thanks again for the top.

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