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Eddie Hamrick

Born May 10, 1954 in Newton, North Carolina, Eddie Hamrick has been an avid artist since the age of six. After a tumultuous childhood plagued by hardship and poverty, Eddie graduated from Newton-Conover High School and began working at Ridgeview Hosiery Mill, and later Dixie Boat Works. He loved working with his hands and couldn’t find a financially viable way to pursue his passion-his art, but with the encouragement of his peers and community, Hamrick applied and received the first Emerging Artist Grant through the Durham Arts Council. Not only did the grant fund his artwork, but is also bolstered his recognition as a craftsman. Eddie began entering state and national shows, winning the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Nature Art show and the annual art competition at the North Carolina Museum of Art.


Hamrick then confidently entered the National Crafts show at Renwick Gallery of the American Art through the Smithsonian Institute. With a broken down pick-up truck and money fundraised by his community, Eddie traveled to Washington D.C. to receive an award that would drastically alter the course of his career. Hamrick began receiving invitation to lecture at colleges and universities, appear on public television, and teach courses all over the country. Eddie then delved into sever fields applying his talents more broadly. His expertise was requested on the sets of Hollywood films where he worked with stars like Diane Keaton and Reese Witherspoon. The country music community also recognized the high caliber of his craftsmanship. Hamrick handcrafted instruments for country and bluegrass greats such as Willie Nelson, the Charlie Daniels Band, and Doc Watson, to name a few.


He has been asked to create commemorative and honor awards for inaugural gifts of six American presidents and several North Carolina Governors. He was made the official craftsman of North Carolina, serving as an ambassador for the state to preserve the woodworking heritage of the area. His contributions to the creative community led both Governor Martin and Governor Hunt to honor him twice with the Governor’s Business Award in the Arts and Humanities. Hamrick continues to donate his time, talents, and resources to charitable causes. His sculpture for the Western Piedmont Symphony alone raised over 125,000 dollars; and in his lifetime, Eddies donations of artwork have raised over one million dollars for charitable causes.


James Hamrick

I was born in Hickory, NC in 1990. My love for woodworking developed from an immersion that there was no way to avoid. My grandfathers and father were avid woodworkers and had made careers of it. This led me to become well acquainted to the art at a very young age. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t involved in the craft. As I grew so did my love for all things wood and my talent for working with it. I was very lucky to be surrounded by some of Americas most well known artisans and I have had the opportunity to apprentice under masters of my craft.

By utilizing my passion for woodworking along with the support of my family I was able to obtain a degree in Business Management from UNC Charlotte. I now work full time as a Production Supervisor in fiber optic cable for Commscope, but still find time to stay connected with my passion by making anything and everything every chance I get. I have had the opportunity to make things for all kinds of folks from our President Barak Obama and Governor Pat McCrory, to family and friends right here at home. I have work in local government buildings, churches and homes across America. There is no job to big or too small. I just hope to spend the rest of my life making beautiful things that people won’t throw away.


6 Comments to About the Artists

  1. hamrickwoodwright says:

    thank you! its a work in progress

  2. Hi thank you for your complement, The site is now up and looking better than the last time you looked at it with much more to come. Let us know if there is anything that interests you or if there is anything we can do that would suit your needs. We also work in iron, glass, and stone.


    James and Eddie Hamrick
    Hamrick Woodwright

  3. Beautiful website! Congratulations to one of our best known and best loved local artists (and his son!).

  4. Julia Rush says:

    Eddie… I am so proud of the magnificent work you (and James) do and have done over these past 30 years I have known and admired you. You are the epitome of what a craftsman should be…besides being ultra talented, your greatest gift is sharing and working with other craftspeople, handing down your knowledge, your inspiration and your grace. Thank you for all you have done for others. You are truly an inspiration to those who love working with their hands as you do.

  5. Charlie Trado says:

    Eddie Hamrick is the living embodiment of true genius and humility. We are so very fortunate to have him in our midst.

  6. Eddie Hamrick is truly the worls’s finest woodwright I have ever known! His artwork is so maticulas and geniously crafted that he brings forth mezmerizing results as His Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ did and does through the lives of His children because his talent as mine are both God-given and blessed. James his son, is following in his father’s footteps. Eddie is truly a master woodwright blessed by the Master that lives forever, Amen! I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work personally with him and taught by him a small portion, but yet valuable bits of knowledge, wisdom, and experience God has given him. And most of all he is a close friend whom i pray for comsistantly and have come to know personally as a brother in Christ. Thanks Eddie for being a true friend to me that is truthful. A true friend will tell you the truth regardless of the present discomfort it may bring.
    Love always, your Borther in Christ
    Robert L. Stamey B.Div. M.Th.

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